Container Storage Yards

TRANSCOMA  account with 53.000 mts2 of for the container yard outside the facilities of the National Port authority. We are strategically located in Puerto Cortes, we have 2 storage site and own machinery for handling containers and loading of up to 100,000 pounds.

Prediocamaguey[Located in Ba. Camaguey Yard]    

In the east of Puerto Cortes to 2 kms of the access gates 3 and 14 of the National Port Authority (ENP)

18.000 Square meters
Access Gate
Maintenance Program of dirt or soil
Perimeter fencing to 2.5 mts of height


prediotramade[Located in road to San Pedro Sula, “El Chile Yard”.]  

Yard road to San Pedro Sula at 4 kms from the  gate of access No. 14 to the National Port Company

35.000 Mts2
Access Gate
Perimeter fencing to 3 mts of height

Storage Warehouse

Bodegas (Small)

We have a wine cellar with duplex storage  for general cargo and bulk located 200 mts from the toll of Puerto Cortes. The winery is fully roofed, account with acrylic sheets  allowing a lighting ideal for work without any delay in both summer and winter, concrete floors with thickness of 8 inches.

Useful for importers of raw materials, chemicals, equipment etc.


2 Cubicles for offices,  ceramic floors and their respective health.

Area winery staff:
Health and dressing rooms for winery staff, with new toilets in perfect operating condition.